We Are the People of
Long Beach  



Our City’s diversity is our greatest asset, and we have strength in our numbers.



For too long, Long Beach has been led by dysfunctional leadership, resulting in increased crime, record levels of homelessness, and communities in disrepair. This comes from an administration focused on their own interests rather than the interests of our Long Beach people.

Deb Mozer will bring the city back to the focus of improving the daily lives of our people--FIRST! She will accomplish this by focusing on the following:

Change the Role of Police

Create a 311 number for mental health emergencies and transfer mental health calls from 911 and into the hands of trained counselors and social service workers. Decriminalize homelessness and addiction by eliminating the "court" system to obtain city services and not require interaction with the legal system. Create a civilian-led oversight committee to ensure increased transparency and accountability to re-build community trust of the police force.

Have City Term Limits

Revoke Measure BBB and restore term limits to Long Beach City Hall so no leadership is comfortable in power to serve themselves. We serve the people. Period.

Expand Film Opportunities

Develop a film office to streamline the work permit process and encourage filming in Long Beach. Provide resources to independent filmmakers and students.

Prioritize LBC Businesses

Require competitive bids for all city funded projects and place priority on Long Beach businesses. Provide for a “bump” up in cost of 10% for Long Beach businesses before allowing non-Long Beach companies to be awarded contracts.