Long Beach Works for
LBC Citizens 


Empowering our local communities to thrive through equitable upward mobility employment opportunities.


LBC Works is a reinvestment jobs program that will:

• Grow Long Beach from the pandemic

• Empower Local Merchants

• Establish a Cost-Effective Parking Development Plan

• Preserve & Restore City Attractions

Help Those Most at Risk

Help the homeless and vulnerable residents at-risk of being homeless by improving the overall economic health of Long Beach. The city will support the operations of a for-profit street paper run by Long Beach's homeless and vulnerable residents to learn valuable job skills, maintain consistent employment, and provide an independent voice for our less fortunate residents. The street paper will create an estimated 500 jobs and increase opportunity for local merchant advertising.

Increase Advertising for Local Merchants

Establish a city supported, for-profit street paper. Estimated 500 jobs and increased opportunity for advertising for local merchants.

Create More Parking

Build mid-rise parking structures at strategic existing vacant lots and have charging stations, free 2-hour parking, and after-hours resident parking at $50 a month. Concept is for the parking to encourage tourist parking and provide resident parking in impacted neighborhoods.

Rebuild Aqua Stadium

Establish an aqua stadium partnership with Molina or another corporate sponsor. Build a world class swimming/diving and water sports arena that would provide city-wide programs year long. This would bring investments and jobs to Long Beach and income streams to the city.