Grow Local
Long Beach Cannabis 


Implementing industry-leading medicinal cultivating technology methods for natively grown and produced cannabis.


LBC Grows is a development program to further establish:

• Jobs and Employment

• Medicinal Research

• Social Equity

• Investment Opportunities

Expand with the Industry

The U.S. cannabis industry, a $10 billion industry that provides 340,000 jobs, is expected to quadruple by 2025 as attitudes towards its use change, and more states legalize cannabis usage.

We Grow the Best

The cannabis community in the LBC grows, formulates, and distributes the highest quality product in the world. This reputation will carry Long Beach forward as a leader in the cannabis industry.

Develop Existing Community

The City of Long Beach will work within the existing community and foster new businesses to move into all areas of cannabis and make this growth sector a major part of Long Beach’s post-pandemic recovery plan.

New Opportunities for All

With the City of Long Beach geared towards capitalizing on the cannabis industry nationally, more opportunities for all will be created with new business concepts, jobs, and wealth that will increase the livelihoods of our people.