Long Beach Comes First



We are the checkered flag City, and united we will stand victorious!


LBC First is a workforce development and economic empowerment program
designed to stimulate the local economy in four core areas:

• Hiring and Training

• Homeownership & Homeless Services

• Streamlined Processes

• New Opportunities for Businesses

Hire Long Beach
Residents First

Placing a priority on hiring and training residents rather than attracting from outside the city. Provide resources to match labor up with training and jobs as well as increase spending on training programs and implement a recruitment program with CSULB.

Assist First-Time
Home Buyers

Consider city-wide programs to help first-time home buyers and encourage developers to chip in--not just to build these monstrosities, but to fill them up with Long Beach residents. This program can also be a source of revenue for the city, while facilitating a vibrant local community.

Increase the Tax Base

Increase the tax base by making it cheaper for Long Beach businesses to obtain business licenses and start small businesses in the city. This will give Long Beach residents and local businesses a competitive advantage while increasing revenue for the city.

Control Costs &
Increase Competition

Control costs and ensure the best prices to the city by requiring competitive bids with priority going to Long Beach-based businesses.