The Issues

We need a change. I'm running for Long Beach Mayor to serve the People of the LBC.


I will serve the People of Long Beach through four initiatives:

• LBC First

• LBC Works

• LBC Grows

• The People of the LBC

Put Long Beach First

LBC First is a workforce development and economic empowerment program
designed to stimulate the local economy.

Empower Our People

LBC Works is a reinvestment jobs program that will empower our local communities to thrive through equitable upward mobility employment opportunities.

Grow Long Beach

LBC Grows is a development program to further establish jobs and employment, medicinal research, social equity, and investment.

Serve the People

The People of Long Beach deserve better. In everything I do, I will serve the people to work and ensure that our city works for its people first and foremost, all day, every day.