Deb Mozer's Biography


When it's time to choose our next leader, we choose someone who loves our city and the people within it.


Cali Beginnings

      A late-stage baby boomer, Deb grew up in California, where the burgeoning aerospace and film industries met golden sunsets, sandy beaches, and lush mountains. Watching her parents advocate for human rights and democratic ideals during the tumultuous 60’s, Deb adopted an attitude of activism that blossomed in high school and has been a continual part of her life ever since.


Education & Financial Expertise

      After receiving degrees in Finance, Economics and Mathematics from San Jose State University, Deb won a coveted position on the world renown executive management training program with General Electric Capital Corporation working for the Chairman, CEO and business icon, Jack Welch. Beginning as a field auditor, she worked her way through the due diligence and portfolio management functions to become vice president of Credit, traveling extensively throughout the United States and globally, gaining experience and insight across a broad-base of industries and corporate cultures, and honing her knowledge of complex financing strategies and sound business practices.


Long Beach Film Industry Experience

      Moving back to California from Chicago in 1993, Deb carried this expertise into the creative world and started to collaborate in the film industry as a consulting producer, helping to raise capital to produce film projects, keep productions on budget, and give creative voices a financial “canvas.” She lived in Naples, Long Beach for 10 years from 1996 to 2006 and then moved to District 2, where she currently resides, after her kids left for college.


Fiscally Responsible

      Deb’s experience managing teams of over 20 individuals, lines of credit up to $100 million, and preparing cash flow models and risk mitigation for $3 billion asset-based loan portfolios makes her an expert in managing huge investments in a fiscally responsible way. This tremendous experience coupled with her deep love of Long Beach makes her the woman of the hour to become the next mayor of Long Beach to grow our city through the post-pandemic challenges ahead of us.


Queen Mary Love

      Deb was five-years-old when awe and fanfare guided Queen Mary into Long Beach signifying strength and promise for the future. With the Queen Mary representing a third of LBC tourism, Deb has watched in horror as the city allowed Long Beach’s emblem to deteriorate. This is a sign of letting American greatness deteriorate for the enrichment of power for a few. Therefore, Deb is ready to make a difference and restore glory to our Long Beach.


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Board of Directors,
Youth Ambassador Program,
Los Angeles, CA

Appointed to the Board of Directors by Mayor Eric Garcetti to structure economic development segment and expand youth program designed to mentor high school youths and engage them in the City’s civic process and ultimately advocate for their communities.

Producer, Documentary,
Youth Ambassador Program,
Los Angeles, CA

Produced promotional documentary of the annual graduation trip to Washington DC that is continually used for program promotion and fund-raising.

Board of Governors,
Cedars Sinai Hospital,
Los Angeles, CA

Member of the hospital’s largest annual fundraising effort to build the Medical Genetics Institute facility and fund research for childhood genetic diseases.

Financial Consultant,
Beyond Shelter,
Los Angeles, CA

Supported Director of Fundraising to fund the multi-million annual budget of a non-profit organization benefitting homeless women and children in the Los Angeles area.